Monday, June 26, 2006


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have created an emergency fund to help George and Maricel’s children through this difficult time. They are: Jesa Marie, 16; Dennis Rev, 13; Karl Rev, 9; Arriane Joy, 6; and John Rev, 3 (all pictured above).

I urge anyone who would like to donate or pledge funds to contact me directly by email or my Philippines cellphone (+63 92141 14038).

Many thanks, Orlando de Guzman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always nice to hear and read the tributes for the fallen heroes, but the sad truth, we will be saying and writing more tributes, until the "assasins and the hired goons" and their paymasters are hunted down like mad dogs and metted what they deserve. I believe in Fair Justice, because I'm lucky to live in society where we can express ourselves as free as anyone in this earth, and go to bed without fear of bullets flying from the guns of the "cowards". But in this case "an eye for an eye" will serve justice..

3:33 AM  

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