Wednesday, June 28, 2006


On FRIDAY 30 JUNE 2006 at 3pm there will be a march from George & Maricel’s home to the Cathedral Gym in Kidapawan, North Cotobato. Friends, NGOs, schools, other churches, civil servants and all other well-wishers welcome. Afterwards there will be a mass and all-night vigil where everyone can share testimony and tributes.

On SATURDAY 1 JULY 2006 at 7am at the Cathedral there will be a funeral mass, followed by a march to the Memorial Park for burial.


Anonymous Ben said...

i'm one of the many closest friend of george and macel way back during our college days in NDKC. In fact i'm one of the godfather of DR, thier eldest son.Only this very moment that i able to read some news and development on the tragic events. I'm crying while i read the tribute of Fr. Peter. My memories with george and macel flashback as if it was yesterday. WE were together every rallies, mass actions, fact finding missions, and any activities that involves social issues. For now. all i can say is that thier death makes me resolves to go back in our country as soon as possible. It's really hard if your spirit is only on the frontline. We need hot blooded body to continue the fight. George and Macel makes me for what i am now. To geoge and macel who lays the golden eggs, now is the time to hatch the eggs. So long my friends and my confidants!

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